Lisa Hoffman x Earthen Warrior Gift Set

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Artisan perfumer Lisa Hoffman has collaborated with independent, NYC-based sleep essentials company Earthen Warrior to create a limited edition gift set that includes a Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet, vial of Calm fragrance beads, and Earthen Warrior sleep mask made with 100% silk.

Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelet
This limited-run bracelet is made with tan wood beads and adorned with Lisa's refillable gold Laurel filigree charm to fill with long-lasting fragrance beads. Each strand is accented with three rose-hued pink rhodonite beads - a stone that's believed to help heal emotional wounds and provide grounding.

Earthen Warrior 100% Silk Sleep Mask
Handmade with black silk backing to effectively block out light, the front of this beautiful sleep mask features blush-pink tie-dyed silk that's been hand-dyed with raspberries. An adjustable strap ensures a snug, comfortable fit while 100% silk materials allow eyes and skin to breathe comfortably as you rest.

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Lisa Hoffman Calm Fragrance
Soft mimosa and uplifting Lily of the Valley balanced with sedating sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk. Blooming rose and African violet soothe the senses while giving this modern fragrance a hint of classic romance.

Fill the filigree charm on the bracelet and snap closed for beautiful scent that lasts for up to a month.

Top: Green Notes, Blooming Rose, African Violet
Heart: Mimosa, Neroli, Lily of the Valley
Base: Australian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Couture Musks