Tom Binns Deep Bronze Cuff

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Tom Binns and Lisa Hoffman, two artisans at the height of their craft collaborate on a special collection that marries Lisa's groundbreaking fine fragrance with designs that reflect Tom's unwavering devotion to avant-garde aesthetics.


Shiny espresso bronze adds sensual appeal to this chic cuff bracelet, featuring a rounded locket perforated with vents.í«í_Includes a 15ml jar of Brazilian Begonia fragrance beads äóÁí_íñ aí«í_sultry, floral fragrance that captures the passion and beauty of Brazil. Uplifting lemon-lime, earthy amber musk, frankincense, and creamy vanilla balance the feminine heart note of exotic Brazilian Begonia.


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An expression of love and comfort. A floral bouquet with hints of musk and vanilla. Rose and magnolia blooms surrounded by bright notes of lemon, bergamot, and violet.

Warmth is the first release from Lisa Hoffman’s new fragrance collection, GIVE. The GIVE collection is an olfactory homage to how fragrance influences who we are, how we want to feel, and how we can share those emotions with others.