Reservoir L.A.
April 14, 2016
Launch Gallery

One of the longstanding battles between the East Coast and Best Coast, excuse me, West Coast, tends to target New York City vs. Los Angeles: which city has the best food, the richer art scene, the better sense of style and sensibility.


But within the past few years, as a wave of creative professionals have flocked to L.A. from NYC, along with the rise and normalcy of remote work culture, the lines between the two cities have blurred. Even though we all know which city has the better weather...


Native New Yorkers Aliza Neidich and Alissa Jacob were among the many who’ve made this recent cross-country move. Friends since infancy, and both inspired by the emerging art and cultural scene forming in their new hometown, the two women combined their backgrounds in business, fashion, and PR to open Reservoir, a one-stop-shop lifestyle store currently on Robertson Blvd.


“Reservoir means the source or supply of something,” says Jacob. “We found L.A. lacked that unique shopping experience that we found in New York, where you could buy anything from socks, to a nice dress, to home goods. We wanted to create a source for that niche, and curate an aesthetic different from traditional L.A. style, with a more chic, clean, minimalist, NYC feel.”


Among garments, handbags, and accessories from better-known labels like Opening Ceremony, Wendy Nichol, and Alexander Wang, customers can peruse artwork sourced from the Tappan Collective, an agency that features and promotes emerging artists, and pieces from local artisans such as Allie Pohl, whose jewelry comments on the “Ideal Woman.” Aside from shopping, Reservoir also hosts experiential workshops, from yoga to DIY succulent planting.


“We want the store to be a destination,” says Neidich. "We also support female entrepreneurs, and work with groups such as Above the Glass and Create + Cultivate to host events in-store.”


Click through the gallery to take a peek inside Reservoir. Visit the store at 154 S. Robertson Blvd., or shop online at And learn more about Lisa Hoffman’s limited-edition Black Onyx Fragrance Bracelet, created exclusively for Reservoir, here.

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