How Fragrance Beads Are Made
Our innovative bead technology delivers Lisa’s award-winning fragrances with a lasting consistency that throws scent for up to a month. Learn more about how we create our eco-friendly fragrance beads.
Lisa Hoffman’s innovative fragrance beads are born from the natural wood flour of sustainably harvested conifer trees. What was once wasted is now repurposed to make something unique and groundbreaking.
Through our proprietary manufacturing process, the wood flour is spun with pure, undiluted fine fragrance oil to create an intricate labyrinth-like structure of air pockets. This allows the fragrance to slowly bloom to the surface.
Encasing our fragrant beads within intricate charms ensures the fragrance isn't altered by your natural body chemistry. Each perfume will remain as beautifully vibrant from the moment you wake up until the minute you end your day.
We encourage you to customize, blend, and experience fragrances by making them your own. Try mixing various scented beads within your charm to create a custom bouquet, or stack multiple bracelets to style a chic fragrance experience that’s uniquely yours.