How to Pick Your Signature Fragrance
March 24, 2016
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Pictured: Hawaiian Plumeria Eau de Parfum


Start with a fragrance note you love.


Perfume has the power to change your mood and mindset: Our sense of smell triggers complex emotions and memories more than any other sense. Begin by identifying how you want to feel when you spray your perfume. For instance... serene, sexy, feminine, or zen-like.


Then, explore fragrance notes that encapsulate this vibe. Some examples: citrus uplifts, clean linens evoke fresh and crisp, spiced ginger and espresso energize, and rich, deep florals tend to be seductive. 


Look beyond the bottle.


Select a few fragrances that contain the notes you love the most. And, although there’s so much exotic and beautiful packaging, remember the personality of the perfume—and how it’s ultimately experienced—is in the fragrance itself. 


As to not be swayed by the appearance of the bottle, spray perfumes on separate test strips, label each one, and smell them over a period of 4-5 hours to narrow down your list.


Now, try it on.


Body chemistry affects how different notes react to your skin. Body temperature, diet, and even some medications can impact your scent. And because everyone has a unique body chemistry, fragrances will often smell different from one person to the next. 


To get a true sense of how a fragrance will work with your own body chemistry, apply a test patch of each fragrance on the insides of your wrist. Be sure not to rub your wrists together—the friction can make the perfume fade faster. You’ll also want to ensure each perfume has room to ‘breathe.’


Because it will take time for the fragrance notes to dry down, re-visit your test patches for a few hours throughout the day for a well-rounded fragrance experience. 

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