Your Pulse Points, And Beyond
May 26, 2016
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Fragrance is yours to wear however you please. But if you’re still using the ’spray-and-walk-through method,’ you need to know: you’re most likely not getting the most out of your perfume.


For scent that lasts longer and releases throughout the day, fragrance should be applied to your pulse points. These are the areas of your body where blood flows close to the skin, generating the most heat.


Since higher temperatures better retain and diffuse fragrance, you only need to use a small amount on a couple of these points. This means you’ll ultimately use less eau de parfum, and your favorite scent will last longer.


So where are your pulse points, exactly? They include your wrists, the crease of your neck, inside your elbows, behind your knees...


Launch the gallery to see where your pulse points are.


Choose 1-2 of these points to apply your fragrance—and, if you choose your wrists, remember not to rub them together, as this friction will cause the perfume to wear faster.


Beyond your pulse points, here are a few other places to put your perfume:


In your hair. Your body’s heat and natural oils won’t affect the fragrance in your hair, so this is where your scent will last the longest.


On your ankles. Although this is on our pulse point map, spraying perfume on your ankles is a less-than-ordinary spot to put fragrance. Try putting it here for scent that blossoms up throughout the day…


On tissue paper. Spritz some perfume on tissue paper, then use it to line your dresser drawers. Your clothes will smell gorgeous. Plus, you’ll get a pleasant whiff of scent every time you get dressed.

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