Cocktail / Hawaiian Breeze
April 07, 2016
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Inspired by the aquatic scent of Hawaiian Plumeria, I crafted Hawaiian Breeze, a thoughtful marriage of tropical senses. The slight bitterness of the spiced rum plays along the sweet notes of the Hawaiian papaya, while the relationship between the aloe liqueur (with green foliage and spearmint) and the acidity of the lime gives this drink an effortless vibe.


The coconut, intact with juice and meat, acts as the perfect vessel for this tasty concoction—with a pinch of salt Hiwa Kai lava salt for good measure (and mouthfeel). The aroma of the Plumeria ties it all together, instantly transporting you to the white sand beaches of Hawaii. 


1.5 oz Sailor Jerry, or your favorite spiced rum
.5 oz Chareau, or aloe liqueur 
2 oz coconut water
.5 oz lime
Muddled Hawaiian papaya
Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt
Plumeria garnish


Add spiced rum, aloe liqueur, coconut water, and fresh lime juice into a tin with half of a muddled Hawaiian Papaya. Add ice, and give a healthy shake. Pour drink into a empty coconut—or a simple rocks glass will suffice. Garnish top with a pinch of Black or regular sea salt. Top with fresh plumeria flower for decoration. 


With more than a decade in the business of libations, Karl Steuck is an innovative cocktail creator & stylist. Follow Karl on Instagram

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