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March 10, 2017
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As the Full Moon in Virgo comes this coming Sunday, March 12th—also known as the Worm Moon, where winter thaws and spring finally comes forth—now is the perfect time to release the old and tap into our innate, creative wisdom; to plant seeds to align with our highest potential.


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a sensitive person: I was a picky eater, a light sleeper, and a stomach that wasn’t up for much. I went through depression and anxiety, and never quite felt like I fit in.


Little did I know these attributes disguised a gift.


Today, that weirdness I felt about myself is something I cherish. I rely on my intuition to help make decisions. My uniqueness and creativity are traits that I’m proud of.


I realized that the sensitivities I had as a child were an innate awareness of the entire universe—almost like a tap from the Universe saying, 'Wake up; pay attention.' So I did.


I started meditating, eating better (which is still a learning experience), and receiving Reiki and other energy healing modalities, among other things. I used my gift for writing to journal, which has uncovered so many life realizations for me.


Am I gifted? Not really. Am I aware? Absolutely.


The truth is that all of us have an innate power within us. There aren’t a select few that have the ability to be aware over others. Rather, it involves the aptitude to truly pay attention to what your body is telling you and to feel the earth and its energies around you.


What if, instead of having life happen to you, you flowed with it? What if you were so flexible that you were floating on top of the waves of life, rather than getting sucked under the tide? What if you listened with your heart first, and not with your head (or your parents or your peers)? What if you did what was right for you?


After noticing how my body reacts and how I feel more in-tune with the universe, I have rounded up what has worked for me—and that has given me stronger visions, feelings, and inclinations about my future.


1. Let go of what you think you know.

 In any home renovation, you must begin by clearing the space to begin anew. You can do the same with your brain: Although letting go of stories we’ve told ourselves our whole lives can be a tough process, it can also be liberating.


Letting go of what we thought to be true, or people and situations we believed we must hold onto is essential. It’s a spring-cleaning to open up the channel to the divine. When we clean out our bodies and minds, spirit has room to enter.


2. Clean up your diet.

It’s also crucial to get rid of toxic chemicals in your body if you want to be a channel of the divine. Substances such as alcohol, synthetic drugs, processed foods, and excess caffeine can block our communication and insight.


Although this step can be extremely difficult for some people, I’ve found asking for help by praying and doing gentle cleanses can help. Try targeting one dependency at a time, such as replacing coffee with cacao or tea or cutting out red meat for a week. You don’t necessarily need to go vegan—but learning to listen to your body is key.


3. Learn how to trust the universe.

You may have strange dreams, visions, or signs that you need to do something, such as start a new project or quit your job. Instead of ignoring these signs and writing them off as coincidences, take them to heart.


If you keep getting a message to do something or have an idea, repeatedly, listen to it. If you feel like something’s off or if you get bad vibes from someone, avoid that situation.


I rely on practices such as playing with oracle cards, asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if I can’t decide on something, or even taking a few days to let a decision sit with me. However, I’ve found that most of the time, my first instinct is always right.


One of the most important aspects of enhancing your psychic abilities is to base decisions and flow with life based on your emotions and not what’s logical. It might be a tough transition, but I promise you: the more you let go and trust, the more will unfold.


Brittany Nelson is a freelance writer and yoga teacher nestled in the Redwoods of the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves music, hiking, the beach, and is currently working on several children's books. Follow Brittany on Instagram. 

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