New Season, New Perfume
March 22, 2017
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The types of fragrances we enjoy at one time in our lives are often not the same as the ones we grow to love later on. Part of this has to do with the fact that our sense of smell becomes more sophisticated as we age—but it’s also due to the fact that scent and memories are so closely interrelated. Scents can develop different associations that change whether or we intend for this to happen or not.


Many women find that some of the perfumes they call their favorites in the winter are too bold and overpowering as the temperatures rise in spring. Your sense of smell is heightened in the warmer seasons due to the additional moisture in the air. So, the preference for lighter scents in the spring and summer and stronger scents in the fall and winter is actually biologically driven.


As we move from spring into summer, in general I suggest choosing fragrances that are light and airy, and being wary of applying too much scent. Our olfactive sense tends to be more fatigued in the heat, and the warmth of our bodies can also diffuse the scent a bit more. I recommend spraying the perfume as a mist above you and then walking through it to ensure the fragrance applies less heavy, and evenly. We are also more social in the summer, and those around you that are sensitive to fragrances will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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