Girl Up
December 06, 2016
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Every so often, we meet people who can truly be called game changers; people who make a clear impact on the world. The volunteers and advocates for the Girl Up Campaign do just that.


Lisa Hoffman partnered with Girl Up to bring a tangible change to the lives of girls and women around the world: with every Friendship Bracelet Duo purchased, $2 will be donated to their cause—which directly affects 4,990 girls, right now.


Girls living in Uganda face a number of challenges that can impact their well-being, development, and future. Those attending school often face gender bias and discrimination in textbooks, the curriculum, and from the teachers themselves. In poorer or more rural families, it is more difficult for girls to even attend school, as education is often considered only important for boys.


Girls in Uganda are also more likely to drop out of school, marry early, and experience poverty than their male counterparts. Read more.


Girl Up supports adolescent girls in Uganda by funding UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) programs that aim to ensure displaced girls enroll in school and have access to a quality education. Your money goes towards expanding access to education by helping build washrooms, recreational facilities, and classrooms to allow for a higher capacity of students, programs that improve girls’ literacy and inspire a love for reading, and hiring female teachers to help girls feel safe and supported in school.


Your donation can directly impact thousands of refugee girls’ lives.


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Featured image courtesy UNHCR/Jiro Ose

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