Mother of Pearl
May 10, 2018
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Mother’s Day is often a time of reflection. My beloved Mother passed away just before Mother’s Day last year, and I miss her more than I’m able to express.  We spoke almost daily and a year later I find myself reaching for the phone wanting to call her. I’m so grateful for the relationship we had, the mother she was, and the woman she will always be in my mind.


My mom was an artist, and ever since I can remember, she loved to paint.  It was a passion of hers… through the trials and tribulations of her life.  For much of her life she painted with severe disabilities, which challenged even raising a paintbrush, right up until a few days before she passed. She loved everything about painting, and I treasure the paintings she left behind.


She was poised, self-assured, humble, generous, and kind with a devilish sense of humor. Growing up and watching my beautiful, elegant and always perfectly put together mother get ready to go out, I was struck by her conscious ability to never think about her appearance once she walked out the door. Striving to emulate her allows me to live more in the moment every day.


This year, I had the pleasure of creating a piece of fragrance jewelry to honor my mother.  It is a replica of a bracelet given to her by my father for their 10th wedding anniversary.  She was a huge supporter of all my endeavors and celebrated the LH brand for having married the pleasure I derive from innovation and fragrance. This bracelet has come to represent the love my parents had for one another and our family, with each pearl strand representing my siblings and I, and the gold leaf closure personifying the ease of heart with which my mother and father yearned for each other.


This Mother’s Day, I am humbled to celebrate my own mother’s life; her artistic teachings and life lessons, each a pearl of cherished wisdom.  Her loyalty, devotion, and perseverance are qualities I continue to share with my own children.


With love and respect for all mothers,


x Lisa

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