Rose Quartz
October 14, 2016
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Known as ‘the heart stone,’ rose quartz is a light pink mineral that has been recently rising in popularity. In January, the Pantone Color Institute named the rose quartz hue—a soft, blush pink—its 2016 Color of the Year alongside Serenity, a cooler tranquil blue. Together, the pair was chosen to symbolize tranquility, and a gentle, calm mood. But rose quartz, the stone, has been associated with a lighter heart, love, and beauty for centuries.


In Greek mythology, rose quartz appeared in stories where gods and goddesses like Cupid, Adonis, Aphrodite, and Eros used the precious stone’s properties to restore, renew, and recharge love. Ancient Eastern civilizations established rose quartz as a spiritual stone that is directly connected to the Heart Chakra, helping to heal emotional wounds, shift feelings of fear and sorrow into lighter, loving energies, and inspire an elevated relationship with nature, the universe, and beyond. Rose quartz has even been found in facial masks recovered in Egyptian tombs, as it was thought to possess outer powers of beautification, too.


The stone itself is strikingly pretty: its name derives from its pale rose color that’s soft, understated, feminine, and transcends age and time. Today, it’s found not only in jewelry, but in yoga studios, as it’s thought heighten consciousness and meditation, and in homes, offices, and shops where people hope it’ll attract love and romance.


Beyond its emotional qualities surrounding the heart, rose quartz is also said to affect the actual organ. Metaphysical experts believe that rose quartz can strengthen a weak heart and prevent heart disease by calming the nervous system, decreasing stress and tension, and improving circulation. So it’s not only a stone of a heart and love, but a symbol of positive energies, and healing.


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