Japanese Agarwood Fragrance Beads

Zesty, warm, and invigorating, the best-selling Japanese Agarwood asks you to “listen” as you experience its calming, blissful scent.


In the sacred forests of the Far East, Agarwood, or the "Wood of the Gods,” has been coveted by maharajas and ancient royals who believe its aroma has the power to elevate one's spiritual practice. This rare, coveted ingredient—traditionally used in Japanese Kodo incense ceremonies—is modernized with an energizing infusion of spicy ginger and zesty bergamot, enlivening creativity and sensuality. Notes of warm amber finish off the fragrance with a musky, woody overtone, striking the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.


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An expression of love and comfort. A floral bouquet with hints of musk and vanilla. Rose and magnolia blooms surrounded by bright notes of lemon, bergamot, and violet.

Warmth is the first release from Lisa Hoffman’s new fragrance collection, GIVE. The GIVE collection is an olfactory homage to how fragrance influences who we are, how we want to feel, and how we can share those emotions with others.